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Friday, 19/10/2018
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Why is the French State becoming so Ani-Muslim?!
It's so hard to believe that a country that its moto is Liberty, equality and Fraternity (Liberté, égalité, fraternité) is treating its minority Muslim population this appalling way.

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Sheekooyin  │  حكايات

Sheekada Duul Culimo Qastay

Soomaalidii hore diinta aqoon badan umay lahayn sababta oo ah dadkii diinta la bidi jiray, inkasta oo aanay iyaga laftoodu aqoon badan lahayn, haddana inta yar ee ay yaqaaneen way ku shaqaysan jireen oo..........

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About this Site


In this age of digital world which made citizen journalism a vital source of information it's important to share your creativity with both your community and the........ More

Muxuu yahay Website kani

Waxaynu ku jirraa wakhti adduunku ku wada socdo shabakadda internet ka taas oo fududaysay ama ka dhigtay suxufininimada dadka caadiga ah il muhiim ah oo war bixineed. . More

White House backs program to help at-risk Somali youth in Minnesota

From Somali Diaspora News

A quarter of United States ISIS recruits have come from Minnesota, according to national statistics. The state’s large Somali community is often targeted by terrorist recruiters. More

  International Court Urged to Reform or Risk Losing Africa.
From Geeska Africa
The International Criminal Court faced calls to change its approach in Africa or face losing some of its largest members as Kenya and South Africa joined forces at its general assembly to lobby for more freedom to interpret the court’s rules. More
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SAYYID AHMED: A charismatic Somali Brigde Builder in Egypt

By Hassan M. Abukar  Wardheer News

In 1978, when I was 18, I left Somalia to join my older sister, a diplomat, in Cairo, Egypt. It was my first trip abroad, and I was both excited and ambivalent. On the one hand, I was apprehensive about an unknown future. On the other hand, I felt I was embarking on a new adventure in search of better educational opportunities.

Young Sayyid Ahmed Sheikh Muse in Cairo

In the year and a half I spent in Cairo as a student and a local employee of the Somali Airlines’ branch office, I met some interesting Somali individuals, both leaders and ordinary people. Cairo was a transit stop for many Somali officials heading to Europe or other parts of Africa. It was also a city in which many Somalis attended school, while others came to get their work permits on their way to the Gulf. Still others had left their families in Cairo as they went to work elsewhere, while a good number came to spend their vacations in Egypt.  Read More

      Video    Slave Trade In Libya after Gaddafi 's overthrow 

Documentary by Sky's Ross Kemp.

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