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Monday, 15/10/2018
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My site is a community oriented space where I share with the community anything that's  beneficial to them.

Things I'll be posting in this site will include: News, Videos, Stories and Traditional Somali Poems.

At Ahmedwali's Home Page I welcome your advise and opinions about the site and what your think should and shouldn't be shared. I also welcome your contributions to the site in terms of it's contents so please send me your opinion pieces and and anything that's interesting that you may wish to share with your community. 

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Halkan waxan ku soo gudbin doonaa waxyaabaha aan u arko in ay faa'iido u leeyihiin aniga iyo bulshada inteeda kaleba.
Waxan rajaynayaa in ay akhristayaashu aad uga heli doonaan wax yaabaha aan soo galin doono website ka.
Sidoo kale waxan rajaynaynaa in ay akhristayaashu noo soo gudbiyaan ra'yigooda iyo sida ay u arkaan site kan  taladiinuna waa muhiim ee fadlan ha la bakhaylina oo iigu soo gudbiya  ama  gal bogga aan   oo halkaas igala soo xidhiidh.

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